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Expenseout is designed for corporates and SMEs to manage and control their expenses. The cloud based solution can be integrated with the clients existing ERP system. The multiple benefits of Expenseout are....

Keep a record of all your expenses :

Keeping a record of all the expenses manually is not only time consuming but also complicated. Expenseout provides an e-vault where all the expense details can be stored electronically in a place for future reference. So no more risk of loosing any expense record.

Submit your bills for quick reimbursement :

Physical submission of bills for reimbursement is a painful process which leads to employee dissatisfaction. Here Expenseout comes with a solution where employees can pull up the JPG or PDF files stored on the e-vaults and submit them online for smoother and quicker reimbursement.

Process approvals faster :

Employee request for reimbursement usually takes few days to get approved due to manual approval process. With the help of Expenseout, employees can request for reimbursement online without knocking the door of the approver as the entire approval process is automated. So, have a faster and hassle free approval process.

Book your trip :

Expenseout has integrated air, hotel and car booking engine with inbuilt approval process. This add on benefit helps the employees to book their trips online at competitive fare without going to the third party and also report the other expenses incurred on the trip for reimbursement from the same interface.

Increase productivity through live report tracking :

Expenseout generates employee and department wise reports to view where the organizational spend and to keep track and control over the expenses. The system provides graphical charts and tables to view all the expenses incurred by the employees. So, have a easy track of the company expenses.

Integrate automatically with ERP :

Expenseout is a cloud based solution and can be integrated with the ERP and HRM systems of the organization. Integration with ERP reduces manual intervention and smoother data flow.

Enforce policy compliance :

Expenseout is 100% customizable as per the requirement of the organization. It has the options for different levels of policy settings. So, set the policy for the organization in Expenseout and ensure policy compliance.