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With ExpenseOut, you can focus on growing your business because the next-gen expense management software takes care of reporting, approving, and reimbursing business expenses made by employees without any hassle to you.
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Benefits of the upgraded ExpenseOut expense management software

There is no shortage of benefits that ExpenseOut will provide for all stakeholders when managing your company’s travel and expenses. With ExpenseOut, you are guaranteed the following benefits that will make expense tracking and reporting a delightful experience. 

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Expense management software For employees

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For managers
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Expense management software For the finance team​

ExpenseOut provides you with automated expense management solutions for all your business needs

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Expense management software that will not disappoint

Advanced expense reporting at affordable prices​​


Rs 0 / Month
  • Included in Free
  • UP TO 10 Users
  • 6 gb receipt storage
  • Multicurrency expenses
  • Mileage expenses
  • Single layer approval
  • Single layer settlement


Rs 199 / Month
  • Everything in Free +
  • Cash advances
  • Advances approval
  • Multilevel expense approval
  • Receipt auto-scan (OCR)
  • Per diem automation
  • Policy configuration
  • Customer / Project tracking


Rs 299 / Month
  • Everything in Premium+
  • Advanced auditing report
  • Additional user: Rs 299 / User
  • 500 minimum user count
  • TMC / OTA integration
  • ERP integration
  • Single sign on
  • Dedicated account manager


Yes, ExpenseOut allows the management/ finance team to set spending limits based on the designation. For instance, you can prevent a new employee from flying first class on a flight.
Yes, you absolutely can! Sign in to try ExpenseOut for free until you scale up operations and need a paid version. Our team is always accessible to provide you with a demo before you start.
Yes, ExpenseOut is capable of that. Once you have set the policies, the expense management software will ensure that employees cannot submit any expense for approval if it does not meet your criteria. If you want, you can also allow the employee to submit the expense with an explanation for the violation. You can approve or reject the entry based on whether the reason is valid.
ExpenseOut uses AI to monitor policy compliance by your employees and allows you to approve expenses meeting the preset criteria automatically. Consequently, it saves you a lot of the time and money that goes into manually tracking, approving, and processing expenses.

Next-gen expense management software for end-to-end automation of employee spend tracking


ExpenseOut is a web-based self-service tool for employees, which automates the process of requesting, approving and processing employee requests, thus reducing the time it takes to clear employee claims.

Start your 30-days free trial

After The Trial, You’ll Be Downgraded To A Basic Plan That’s Free Forever For Up To 10 Users.

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