Expense management software

Expense management software for stress-free business spending and reimbursement With ExpenseOut.
you can focus on growing your business because the next-gen expense management software takes care of reporting, approving, and reimbursing business expenses made by employees without any hassle to you.
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Expense Management Software Customers across the world love the Artificial Intelligence capabilities of ExpenseOut

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Make Your Expense Reporting And

Reimbursement A Pain-Free Process

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Expense Reporting And Tracking With OCR

Employees can leverage the OCR technology to scan key details automatically from their receipts and store them securely so that you can retrieve them at your convenience, unlike crumbling paper receipts. Due to this, employees can accurately and quickly report expenses that can be tracked in real-time.
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Automated Expense Approvals

Employees can make sure that their receipts, stored in a digital vault, are submitted at the end of the present period. The admin (the management or the finance team) can quickly go through the information category/department/ employee-wise and either approve or reject the entry based on company policy.
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Lightning-Fast Reimbursements

Reimbursement, a normally long and tedious process, can be automated entirely with ExpenseOut. The system checks every expense report’s authenticity and approves/ rejects it based on corporate policy. The admin can also allow the employee to submit a non-compliant report with an explanation.
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Extensive Analytics

In real-time, you will be able to get actionable insights on your employee spending, which can be used to formulate budgets or even new spending policies to optimize revenue. Due to the comprehensive analytics that ExpenseOut provides, no one can get away with fraud/ duplication/ /overspending.
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100% Policy Compliance

Using ExpenseOut, an organization can gauge the level of risk in every transaction an employee is making. Since each transaction is checked against preset company policy for travel and expenses, the system ensures policy compliance and brings discrepancies to the attention of the adman.

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Benefits of the upgraded ExpenseOut expense management software

There is no shortage of benefits that ExpenseOut will provide for all stakeholders when managing your company’s travel and expenses. With ExpenseOut, you are guaranteed the following benefits that will make expense tracking and reporting a delightful experience.
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Expense management software For employees

Expense management software For manager

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Expense management software For the finance team​

ExpenseOut provides you with automated expense management software for all your business needs

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Onboarding assistance

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Make Every Expense Report Policy-Compliant By

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Provide Better Employee Experience By

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Ensure Pain-Free Spending And Approval By

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Make Your Expense Reporting And

Reimbursement A Pain-Free Process

Advanced expense Management Software at affordable prices

  • Included in Free
  • 6 gb receipt storage
  • Multicurrency expenses
  • Mileage expenses
  • Single layer approval
  • Single layer settlement
  • Everything in Free +
  • Cash advances
  • Advances approval
  • Multilevel expense approval
  • Receipt auto-scan (OCR)
  • Per diem automation
  • Policy configuration
  • Customer / Project tracking
  • Everything in Premium+
  • Advanced auditing report
  • 500 minimum user count
  • TMC / OTA integration
  • ERP integration
  • Single sign on
  • Dedicated account manager


Yes, ExpenseOut allows the management/ finance team to set spending limits based on the designation. For instance, you can prevent a new employee from flying first class on a flight.
Yes, you absolutely can! Sign in to try ExpenseOut for free until you scale up operations and need a paid version. Our team is always accessible to provide you with a demo before you start.
Yes, ExpenseOut is capable of that. Once you have set the policies, the expense management software will ensure that employees cannot submit any expense for approval if it does not meet your criteria. If you want, you can also allow the employee to submit the expense with an explanation for the violation. You can approve or reject the entry based on whether the reason is valid.
ExpenseOut uses AI to monitor policy compliance by your employees and allows you to approve expenses meeting the preset criteria automatically. Consequently, it saves you a lot of the time and money that goes into manually tracking, approving, and processing expenses.

Next-gen expense management software for end-to-end automation of employee spend tracking

What is expense management software?

Expense management software is an application that either automates or simplifies most of the process of managing travel and expenses (T&E) of organizations that rely on business travel. Usually, the process from receipts to reimbursement is filled with a lot of paper, countless hours, wasted resources, potential fraud, and overall chaos in the company.
However, the introduction of an expense management software can drastically improve things, given that it helps manage travel bookings, digitizes the receipt submission process, streamlines multi-level approvals, fast-tracks reimbursements, and helps track expenses in real-time.
Besides, expense management software can ensure that every employee expense is in alignment with corporate travel policy.
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Why cloud-based expense management software is a necessity

Switching to cloud-based expense management software has a plethora of benefits compared to legacy expense management solutions.
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Effective receipt management

Seamless enforcement of corporate T&E policies

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Quicker expense reimbursements

How you can pick the right expense management software

Ideally, you need an expense management solution that is highly scalable, fits your company requirements, and is feature-rich as well. Here’s a quick checklist to help you get started with the right expense management software.

Why ExpenseOut expense management software will be beneficial for you

Our industry-leading expense management software will be of massive benefit to your organization due to its following capabilities:

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