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For seamless approvals and reimbursements

ExpenseOut’s OCR functionality allows employees to report expenses without the need for submitting paper receipts. The expense will be automatically checked for policy compliance within moments, paving the way for pain-free approval and reimbursement.
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Key benefits of ExpenseOut that make it a global leader in expense reporting

Paper receipts are notorious for getting lost or fabricated, and there is no telling whether the paper receipt was just lifted from somewhere. With ExpenseOut’s cutting-edge OCR functionality, you can bid farewell to crummy paper receipts that make the finance team’s life hard and turn reimbursements tedious and time-consuming.
When you make an expense, and you record it on ExpenseOut, you are instantly notified whether it is policy compliant or not. If it doesn’t break any company rules, the admin and finance team can instantly approve the spending. If not, ExpenseOut allows the management to permit employees to claim expenses that aren’t compliant but have a good reason.
ExpenseOut presents individual and department-wise spending information to the management in easy-to-read visuals with all the real-time data. Using the same, the company can figure out patterns of non-compliance among individuals or teams and take appropriate action. The dashboard also provides insight into company spending that can be used to make important financial decisions.
With ExpenseOut, you can perform accurate expense audits in a department-wise manner. Using the audits, you can double-check if the expense reports are policy compliant and have all the necessary documentation. Moreover, the audits can be used to figure out unnecessary expenses and eliminate them.
For each location and type of expense, companies can set up per diem rates for the employee. Also, ExpenseOut allows the management to give out cash advances to employees who may be short of money but need to make daily expenses in order to perform their roles optimally. Notably, these expenses can be tracked automatically and reported accurately.
ExpenseOut allows the management to create custom fields and page layouts that allow employees to only have access to necessary fields based on their designation. Using this feature, employees can quickly report their expenses and get reimbursed without any hassle.

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Make Your Expense Reporting And

Reimbursement A Pain-Free Process

Advanced expense reporting at affordable prices​​

  • Included in Free
  • 6 gb receipt storage
  • Multicurrency expenses
  • Mileage expenses
  • Single layer approval
  • Single layer settlement
  • Everything in Free +
  • Cash advances
  • Advances approval
  • Multilevel expense approval
  • Receipt auto-scan (OCR)
  • Per diem automation
  • Policy configuration
  • Customer / Project tracking
  • Everything in Premium+
  • Advanced auditing report
  • 500 minimum user count
  • TMC / OTA integration
  • ERP integration
  • Single sign on
  • Dedicated account manager


We have a dedicated implementation team to assess your accounting needs and ensure that you have everything in place to get the most value out of ExpenseOut.
We will provide you with unlimited, free-of-cost, end-user, and accounting training when you implement ExpenseOut.
Whether you need a small clarification or a huge integration, our team is always available to support you throughout the year.
Yes! There are no hidden commitments or any redirects to a paywall. You can use the service free for up to 10 users.

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After The Trial, You’ll Be Downgraded To A Basic Plan
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