Expenses Features

Reliable expense reporting and tracking

Using ExpenseOut to report expenses, store receipts, and track spending on an individual or departmental level is a painless process.

Paperless expense tracking across multiple currencies

Gone are the days of hoarding crummy, old paper receipts. Employees can make a purchase, snap a picture of the receipt in their smartphone, and store it in the e-vault for future reference.

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Expense Category Menu Screenshot - ExpenseOut

Categorize expenses for easier tracking

Employees can classify expenses project-wise or according to the spend category. Also, while submitting an expense, the employees can add notes or create special fields.

Real-time expense tracking from anywhere in the world

ExpenseOut allows you to record expenses effortlessly and without stress from anywhere in the world. It does not matter if you are on the road or at the office—you can update your expenses in real-time with receipts.

Expense Tracking Across All Departments - A Side Bar Chart

Make employees’ life easier with cash advances

Provide employees with cash advances through ExpenseOut so that they do not have to pay out of pocket. Besides, you can track how the cash advances are spent in real-time to ensure the employees are under budget and in compliance with corporate policy.

Save money without even noticing with our top-notch expense management solution

Other Features

Policy Compliance Feature

Save up to 70% on travel and expense spends with uncompromising policy compliance.

Approval Feature

Streamlined approval process guaranteed to boost employee productivity.

Analytics Feature

Have your company expenditure at your fingertips with department/ employee-specific analytics.

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