Take control of your company’s travel spends with the next-gen, expense management solution

ExpenseOut is designed to make expense tracking, reporting, and reimbursement pain-free for both the company management and employees through automation and save substantial amounts of time and money.
expense management solution
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View company expenses in real-time

Stay in complete control of your company’s travel and business expenses with ExpenseOut.
Be in the know on whatever happens to your company’s finances from the time money is spent by an employee to when it is reimbursed by the accounting team

Make Your Expense Reporting And

Reimbursement A Pain-Free Process


Scan receipts with OCR ​

Forget about preserving old receipts that become difficult to read over time. Every time an employee makes an expense, they can scan the receipt using the OCR and allow ExpenseOut to automatically generate a clear expense report faster reimbursements.

Simplified multi-level approval​

With ExpenseOut’s ability to detect and stop fraudulent expense claims, which leads to companies spending 7% more than necessary, you can drastically cut down on erosion in the cash flow. Also, make sure every transaction is accounted for by setting up approval flows.

Increase corporate policy compliance

Manually checking policy compliance is tedious and error prone. With ExpenseOut, you can automatically ensure that all employee spending is per company policy. You can make exceptions for when the violation is justifiable, such as a meal with an important client.

Perform accurate expense audits

In a department-wise manner, you can double-check expense reports for accuracy and proper documentation of the expense. The accountants will further have a bird’s eye view of whether all the expenses were necessary and in alignment with the company policies.

Business expense reporting solution to bring a smile
on the faces of everyone in the team


For employees

For manager


For the finance team​

Advanced expense reporting at affordable prices​​

  • Included in Free
  • 6 gb receipt storage
  • Multicurrency expenses
  • Mileage expenses
  • Single layer approval
  • Single layer settlement
  • Everything in Free +
  • Cash advances
  • Advances approval
  • Multilevel expense approval
  • Receipt auto-scan (OCR)
  • Per diem automation
  • Policy configuration
  • Customer / Project tracking
  • Everything in Premium+
  • Advanced auditing report
  • 500 minimum user count
  • TMC / OTA integration
  • ERP integration
  • Single sign on
  • Dedicated account manager

Boost everyone’s productivity with the Industry’s leading
expense reporting software.

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