Is your employee on the move all the time? Track your employee location and productivity through ExpenseOut.

Track your employee location & productivity

When you have employees on the field doing sales calls, site inspections, collecting payments from customers, or just about anything to do with the company, it is vital to know where they are and how productive their day has been. It is even more important to check whether they report expenses, mileage, and time spent on each task a

As a manager, you can’t manually travel to every site your employees work at and check on them because that would be both time-consuming and financially unsustainable.

Then, how do you ensure visibility into your team’s movement and daily performance without blindly trusting them to send you accurate reports?

This is where automation with ExpenseOut comes in.

The all-in-one automated tool for mileage, expense, and time tracking

With employee tracking software ExpenseOut installed on employees’ phones, there is little an employer must do to guarantee performance and accurate reporting of miles and the places visited and the level of productivity achieved.

The tool uses the phone’s GPS to gauge the time and distance traveled automatically. Notably, the employer can set minimum amounts of mileage the employee has to cover. The app rejects entries that don’t comply with company policy, or asks for a reason, depending on the manager’s preference.

With ExpenseOut, companies can track data like how many customers an employee has visited in a day and when the employee started and ended his day, and whether the employee has met the minimum attendance requirements.

Here is how these ExpenseOut capabilities will contribute to your company saving tons of money and time.

Perform thorough activity analysis

With our employee tracking app, companies can get actionable insights on how much time was spent productively and how much of it was squandered going to unnecessary places or lingering in a place too long.

Improve policy compliance

You will get alerted when an employee has started their shift late or gone to an unnecessary location according to preset policy. Further, it’s possible to keep track of whether employees spend the optimal amount of time at each location and only use the acceptable amount of fuel.

Keeps you updated on the live location

With the live GPS data, you can ensure your employees are safe, driving within the speed limit, and are reaching their targets with regards to the visits they’ve conducted. As a result, the employee can maintain peak productivity while ensuring their wellbeing.

Helps with effective resource allocation

When you have the travel and productivity data of every employee, you will accurately gauge where your employees need more help. Along with sending reinforcements to your employees if you see a dip in productivity, you can also offer feedback on where they can improve.

Saves the company money and time

You no longer have to spend hours poring over self-assessments and reports from employees. Also, gone are the days when you have to anxiously call or check on the employee by going over to where they are supposed to be. The system does it automatically and provides you with easy-to-read insights that you can leverage to assess employee performance and pay bonuses and salaries.

Builds trust

Having ExpenseOut monitoring your employees is a win-win situation for the management and the employees. This is because keeping an eye on the location and productivity in real-time builds trust in the leadership that the employee is making optimal use of company time. Similarly, when an employee knows that the management is watching, he is bound to make intelligent decisions.


ExpenseOut is just right for you if you are in the market for an employee tracking tool that keeps you updated on employee activities and movements in real-time. With it, you will never again have to worry about fraudulent performance reports and shoddy work from people on the field. Try ExpenseOut free for 30 days.

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