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What is ExpenseOut?

Expenseout is a web-based self-service tool for employees, which automates the process of requesting, approving and processing employee requests, thus reducing the time it takes to clear employee claims. It contains analytics which shows where the organisation is actually spending.

What is the need for ExpenseOut?

Companies which do not have a fixed system to monitor the incurred expenses are always having the risk of exceeding the budget. Moreover manual expense claim is not a happy process and leads to lots of confusions and employee dissatisfaction. That is where a user-friendly product like Expenseout makes so much sense. It reduces the processing and reconciliation time and create employee satisfaction through fast reimbursement process.

About Us

Infiniti Software Solutions was promoted in 2005 with the aim of devising innovative technology that would help corporates maximize revenue and minimize costs. We are a young company driven by a passionate group of entrepreneurial professionals who have vast travel experience and outstanding technology know-how. And this reflects in our products.

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Expenseout is designed for corporates and SMEs to manage and control their expenses. The cloud based solution can be integrated with the clients existing ERP requiring no installation cost. It automates the working cycle of the organisation and hence increasing the productivity. The various benefits that Expenseout provides are.....

Keep a record of all your expenses

Submit bill for quick reimbursement

Fast & Automated approval flow cycle

Report Tracker

Book your trip from your Expense Software


Integration with your existing ERP

Ensure policy compliance

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